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Built for Heavy Service

Shaw-Box LOADMAX trolleys are rugged, low profile units designed and built especially for the user with a heavy service application.

Built for years of dependable heavy use, LOADMAX trolleys are engineered to outlast and outperform any comparable trolley on the market.LDMAX4C

These heavy-duty trolleys feature a horizontally split gear case with foot-mounted motor producing the high speeds required for heavy service applications. Their low-profile, close end approaches and higher hook lifts maximize available lifting space making these trolleys ideal for installations where space is a problem.

Other innovative design features facilitate maintenance. The horizontally split hoist gear case is designed for easy service with inspection ports and a cover that can be removed without disturbing the gears or oil bath. All drive machinery is easily accessible from one side of the trolley. And features such as a foot-mounted, flexibly coupled hoist motor and upper block sheaves accessible from above the trolley deck make servicing the LOADMAX easier.

The Shaw-Box LOADMAX. The latest in a family of heavy duty trolleys built in the Heartland of the U.S.A. for over 115 years.

loadmax standard features

Precision Gearing

The hoist drive train is composed of four helical gear reductions. The gearing is precision machined from alloy steel and designed per AGMA standards. The gearing is mounted on short shafts supported between roller and/or ball anti-friction bearings. The drum gear is pressed and keyed to the hub of the rope drum. All gearing is splash lubricated in an oil tight gear case.


Hoist Motor and Brake

The hoist motor and brake are mounted on steel pads welded to the machinery base. Mounting the hoist motor and brake close to the gear reducer side permits access to the entire hoist drive train from one sideof the trolley.

The standard hoist motor brake is a DC shoe brake. The brake is electrically released and automatically spring set. The brake is mounted on the extended motor shaft. The brake wheel is bored for a tapered fit to the shaft.

Frame and Rope Drum

The load girts, machinery base and upper sheave nest are manufactured from heavy steel plates and shapes adequately braced to resist vertical,lateral and torsional stresses. They are welded together with the trolley end trucks to form a rigid one piece frame for the mounting of the hoisting and trolley machinery.

The rope drum is a welded steel tube with right and left hand grooving to receive the full lift of hoisting cable without overlapping. The hoisting cable is of extra flexible, 6 x 37 improved plow steel.

Upper Block

The upper block is mounted between the load girts and located for ease of inspection and maintenance. The hardened steel sheaves run on anti friction bearings and are removable from the top of the sheave nest. An equalizer sheave is mounted perpendicular to the running sheaves to minimize fleet angle.


Lower Block

The lower block is a heavy steel weldment provided with a forged steel hook rotating on a roller thrust bearing. The steel sheaves run on anti friction bearings and are covered with a steel shroud for added operator safety. A spring-loaded hook latch is standard.


Trolley Traverse Drive

The trolley traverse drive is located between the trolley trucks and drives two wheels through a rotating axle. The drive consists of a brake motor mounted to a helical, hollow-shaft gear reducer. All drive gears are helical, precision cut and heat-treated. The gearing is mounted on short shafts supported on roller or ball bearings and splash lubricated in an oil tight case. The traverse drive is provided with an AC disc brake as standard.

 Type End TrucksTube

The hoist utilizes two end trucks constructed from heavy steel tubes for maximum strength and rigidity. Each truck is provided with heavy steel rail sweeps, rubber bumpers and lifting lugs as standard.

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